This week on Ashes to Ashes – The Namanes make their way to Ficksburg for Mpho and Tsiesti’s traditional wedding


The Namanes make their way to Ficksburg for Mpho and Tsiesti’s traditional wedding while Bab’ Hlongwane curses them. Ashes to Ashes, weekdays at 8PM.


Ashes to ashes


A weird baby scent keeps following Reba everywhere she goes. Mpho is at loggerheads with Mantsho as she has a strong desire to come back to Tembisa for the safety of the twins.

Reba is growing more and more confident as she takes the reins at Namane Funerals. Disebo is harbouring a secret at work whilst developing a crush for Tsietsi. Not content with being outbid by Mickey, Nokulunga pulls strings to make him take her seriously as a business partner.

Tsietsi sleeps with Disebo. Bab’ Hlongwane curses the Namanes. Mpho is worried that her babies are not moving. Mickey and Nokulunga seal their business deal. Damian is gutted at the realisation that he’s not going to the wedding.

The Namanes are welcomed with a bull by Mpho’s family, but they have to slaughter it themselves at the traditional wedding. Joseph is jealous that Nokulunga invited Mickey to the wedding. The trip to Ficksburg turns out to be a nightmare for Nokulunga and Mickey who are at each other’s throats. Damian’s plan of making Disebo forget about Tsietsi backfires.

Selo spots Bab’Hlongwane creeping amongst the crowd and wants him gone. There is hope when Thandeka arrives at the wedding but she’s feeling bad vibes. Mandlakazi decides that they are leaving and taking Mpho with. Nokulunga and Mickey wake up together and feel awkward about it. Nokulunga blurts to Reba about what the boys did last night.

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