This week on Ashes to Ashes:Tsietsi is BACK at work and is already MAKING demands


Tsietsi is back at work and is already making demands. Meanwhile, Selo and Mandlakazi are held hostage. Ashes to Ashes, weekdays at 8PM.


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Tensions boil over in the Namane home as an overjoyed Mandlakazi prepares to welcome Tsietsi back home. Nokulunga corners Selo and gives him an ultimatum about telling Mandlakazi the truth. Zungu is unnerved to discover that Nkonzo has been investigating the Namane’s for some time.

Nkonzo comes clean to Zungu in hope that she will go and follow up on his claims regarding the Namanes. Mandlakazi helps Buzwe to make peace with Reba. Damian is oblivious to his new admirer.

Nkonzo is out on bail. Tsietsi demands his office back but Mandlakazi puts him in his place. Reba decides to leverage Patience’s crush on Damian. Damian realises that Patience is after his body.

Nkonzo flies off the rails and does the unthinkable when Zungu refuses to help him. Reba wields her powers over Tsietsi but when confronted by him, remains afraid and vulnerable. Damian realises that Patience is a chubby chaser.

Nkonzo holds Selo and Mandlakazi hostage. Tsietsi’s dislike for Reba resurfaces. The hostage incident takes its toll on Mandlakazi and her sensitive heart condition is compromised. The situation comes to a head when Nkonzo finds out where the baby is buried.

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