This Week on Rhythm City_Suffo confesses he wants to divorce one of the wives


Suffo confesses he wants to divorce one of the wives and Doc beats Zinzi with a belt and she moves out. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


When Zinzi tells her parents defiantly that she is leaving to go and stay with Sakhile, Doc loses it and beats her with his belt. It’s awkward when Reneilwe bumps into Zolani on her first day to fill in for Mampho. She is furious when Shakes insinuates she slept her way into this job and confronts Zolani.

Reneilwe makes fat cakes for Zolani, as a way to apologise, and he gives them to the whole staff. When Lihle claims she can prove RuffNek is not as rough as he says he is, Fats gets offended and comes clean to the guys about his other persona. Puleng gets more and more paranoid, and worries that she’s losing Suffocate. Meanwhile, a drunk Suffocate tells Speshil he’s considering letting go of one of the wives.

Zinzi is suffering at Sakhile’s family home and Doc catches her stealing food from his house. Fats refuses to countenance the suggestion that he date Lihle, but he is ambushed while on air. Puleng is becoming more and more desperate and afraid, and when she hears that Suffo’s planning to lose a wife, she turns to an inyanga.


Fats has trepidations about performing, but manages to do the gig even with Lihle’s interference. Reneilwe gets tired of waiting for Zolani and makes a drunken move. Ntombizodwa is concerned for both Puleng and Niki. Puleng gets a dire prediction from an inyanga.

Toolkit and Speshil encourage Fats to act like a superstar and bed his fans. Fats goes out on a date with Lihle and almost succumbs to her. Ntombizodwa confronts Suffocate about divorcing his wives. Suffocate unpacks the stresses he’s been under in his marriage. Zolani admits his feelings for Reneilwe but fires her because it’s bad for business.

Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM

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